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Tampa Florida | September 18th - 20th 2020
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The World Is Divided And Lays In Broken Heaps...
Because Man Is Divided Within Himself. 
The world is going to hell in a handbasket, and MEN are to blame.  
Especially.... straight, strong, traditional men in America and the West.  

There is no end to the amount of hate, blame and victimhood directed at men today. 

Men, it seems, are the cause of a long list of tyrannies, oppression and violence.  And the victim groups whom lay blame with men, only seems to be getting stronger and more hysterical.

If you are a man in America today, understand that you are hated. 

You are hated for your privilege

You are hated for your power

And most of all, you are hated for the very traits and behaviors that make you a man.  

In fact, a recent report by the American Psychological Association says that boys and men who exhibit traditional masculine behavior are at greater risk to themselves and others.  They suggest that "socialization practices which teach boys from an early age to be self-reliant, strong, and to minimize and manage their problems on their own"* may be to blame. 
*Ref. APA Report: "Psychology of Men & Masculinities" by William Ming Liu (January 2018)
Men Are Supposed To Be 
Strong, Stoic & Self-Reliant!
What is wrong with men? 

Why do the very traits that make a man, a man, seem to be the cause of so much concern? 

If everything that men have been for thousands of years is wrong; then why are doctors, schools, the media and women trying to "fix" men now? 

The truth is there is nothing wrong with being a man; especially a so-called "traditional masculine" man.

When men are being men... boundaries are set, agreements are made, and great societies are built. 

When men are being men... risk, working hard, and devotion is valued.

When men are being men... women are relaxed, children are happy, and the weak are protected. 

Men, when we are being real men everyone in society wins.  

No matter what the establishment, media or radical feminists say...  

Alpha Men Are The Great Leaders In This World
Without the risks, responsibilities and sacrifices made by strong Alpha Male leaders nothing in this world would be built. 

Weak-willed men and whiny women did not build America.

Nor have any angry, envious, hateful social justice warriors ever created anything good.  A
ll they do is eat, shit, complain, blame and destroy.   

Alpha males.

Traditional Masculinity.

Great men. 

Men who are willing to sacrifice and stand strong in the face of evil will always be the great leaders in this world. 

There is no such thing as "toxic masculinity".

Only men who have been misrepresented, miseducated and misled. 

But all that is about to end. 

When Our Grandfathers Were Alive
Before the breakdown of the traditional family, easy divorce and abortion;   

Before fuck buddies, radical feminists, and fatherless boys;

Before skyrocketing suicide rates, attention deficit disorder, and Incels

Men knew exactly what it meant to be a man. 

Because older men (fathers, uncles, grandfather and family friends) understood just how critical is was for young men to be mentored, mirrored and informed about who they are, and why they exist. 

Our great grandfathers, ancestors, understood that men of all ages have a primal hunger for meaning in our lives. 

No "Safe Spaces" For Men
Today there are dozens of so-called victim groups, who require safe spaces, a shelter away from harm. 

These people are often merely "victims" of other people's opinions and judgements.  Safe spaces provide a container where these people can feel their feelings, and fear their "oppressors".

But what about men? 

Men are under attack.

If you don't believe me, then just look at what men have become in the last 50 years.   

The rate of male suicide is between 5 and 6 times that of females. According to the National Academy of Sciences, "the increase in suicide among white males led to as many white males' lives lost to suicide as have been lost to AIDS.

Black males, while only 6% of the overall population, make up over 43% of murder victims.  More black boys between ages 10 - 20 are killed each day by homicide than by the next nine leading causes of death combined.

What has been the establishment's response to the crisis of men? - Prison. 

Prison spending in America has increased at 5 times the rate of spending per grade school student. The last I heard, the state of California spends around $75,000 per inmate, per year to keep men behind bars.

It should also be noted that almost 40% of boys in America live in a fatherless home. 

If a boy does live with his father, there is a good chance the father is a beta-male provider who acts like one of the kids with his wife.  Just like the dads on popular culture TV and mainstream media - he is weak, dumb and helpless.

Men are literally becoming women. 

Female hormones in our drinking water from birth-control pill piss, they say.  Estrogen compounds from plastics and pesticides are in the food we eat; make men more womanly and weak. 

Men are emotional, skinny-fat and soft.

Men are without meaning, and without a mission. 

Men are without mature, masculine mentorship.

"The world is divided and lays in broken heaps, because man is divided within himself." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Uniting Man Within Himself
The splits and divisions we see in the world outside, is a reflection of man's split on this inside. 

If we are ever to unify the world, we must first seek to unify the man first. 
Men are conflicted.  

Much of the conflict is confusion about Who we are, and Why we're here.  

Timeless questions like this, always arrive in a timely way.  What I mean is, there are predictable transition phases in a man's life.  

I refer to these transition phases, as "Life Path Initiation" phases, since it's a normal part of life.  It is during theses times in a man's life that he is leaving behind his old ways, and is initiated into a new version of himself.  

But during the transition most men will feel fragmented. These dark times can leave a man confused. He begins questioning himself, and his existence. 

Life Path Initiation phases occur every 12 years or so.  

At age 12 a boy is becoming a young man, as puberty is happening.

In my personal experience, and in my work with men, age 24 initiates a new chapter in a man's life. It's often referred to as a quarter-life crisis. 

In the years surrounding his 24th birthday a young man will confront his childish hopes, fears and dream; in order to adopt a newer, and hopefully, wiser way of being.

He is being initiated. 

Having passing my 36 year-old birthday, I can tell you... 

Life gets very confusing, chaotic and lonely during these Life Path Initiation phases of the journey. 

When Life Is Kicking You In The Ass
The question isn't whether you've been initiated, or not. 

Life initiates you, it's happening!

 It can happen when you're 14, 24, or 42 years old. It usually begins with a crisis, or call to action. 

The key question is...  

What to do when life is initiating you up hard, up the ass?! 
There was once a time when men who were being initiated by life had a support structure, a "sacred space" and wise men to see him through the transition. 

Today, there is no support, no sympathy and no new perspectives for the man in need.

He will either "man up and do the right thing", or he might blow his brains out with revolver, like so many white men in America do.    

What men need today is a return to the initiation ritual, meaningful rights of passage, and a sacred space for becoming whole again, united within. 

When we are united within, strength and stability is restored.  There heightened sense of meaning, and devotion to our mission in life.

There is more trust, more calm, and more love in our lives. 

The Four Corners Of Initiation
When I speak about initiation, I do not mean taking boys into the jungle to hunt lions with bare hands, and a stick. Men are not initiated by other men - life initiates men. 

What I mean is a return to the basic understanding that when life begins to initiate someone, a friend, sibling, spouse or yourself, that it's not the end of the world

In fact, it is a normal and natural part of life, and... 

There is road map for how to navigate a successful initiation, given to us by our ancestors. I discovered this "road map" while going through my own life's path initiation (more about that later). 

According to anthropologists, all men's initiation rituals regardless of culture, possess the following four qualities - what I refer to as the Four Corners Of Initiation. 

Sacred Space
For focused "soul work" do be done, men need to set themselves apart.  Away from work, away from women and away from the cares of the world.

A Sacred Space is like a container, a hot oven, where transformation can occur.  When all participants are present and fully engaged with the process, trust and meaningful bonds are forged in what anthropologist Mercer Eliade calls "communitas".

It is only within the sacred space of containment that men's egos begin to soften, and understanding can be mirrored, delivered, from the group.
Initiation Process
An Initiation Process is like a challenge, a right's of passage.

When life initiates you, it can be painful, but you MUST keep going.  You'll need strength, stamina and grit to get through this.

An initiation process will put you to the test.  It will force you to face your demons, and take stock of your weakness.  

Far from helping you solve your problems, an initiation process more like stirring up the bottom of a dirty pool so the junk could be filtered out.  

Male Mentorship
Most secular male mentorship these days are like the blind leading the blind. 

Instead of battle hardened men, bearing wounds and delivering wisdom to the youth; we have doctors with pills and an establishment that says masculinity is an illness. 

Male Mentors are like the ritual elders and wise men of old. They've been to hell and back, and can show you the road.  They also have deep compassion for younger men, men on their way up. 

Life Meaning
Your life's path initiation is successful when a sense of meaning is restored in a life.  After a season of confusion and chaos, the fog begins to lift and clarity emerges. 

I believe there is great meaning to be found in suffering.  Suffering softens the ego, and creates room for growth.

Initiation is about death and rebirth.  We are free to choose darkness and death; or be resurrected in the light of God, at any moment.

Every day there is an opportunity for a new life, a new mission, and renewed sense of meaning for you.  This is what Jesus meant when he said "be born again". 
Like I mentioned earlier, I learned about these four corners of initiation while going through one of the darkest times of my life. 

I believe that had I not discovered this truth, I would not be here speaking with you today. 

"Becoming The Strongest Version Of Yourself"
My name is Elliot Hulse. 

I am a Strongman, Strength Coach and owner of Strength Camp Gym in Florida. My job is to teach men how to grow stronger.

Since 2007 I have been coaching men to build muscle and strength in the gym.

I am also famous for my YouTube videos that teach men how to "Become The Strongest Version Of Themselves" - in the gym, and in life. 

My YouTube channels have massed over 1 billion views and over 2.7 million subscribers.

I am like a father figure or big brother to a generation of young men. 

Although I am proud of all the young men who have succeeded in life by following my advice.... something important was missing. 

If I were really to be the great mentor that people believed I was, then I needed to undergo a life's path initiation of my own.

So it happened... 

In 2015, at 36 years of age, a sudden confusion and chaos began to envelop my life.

I stopped uploading YouTube videos, and closed the doors to my gym. For the next four years I experienced the darkest, most lonely and confusing days of my life.  

First, my body began to break down and I suffered several physical injuries including two torn biceps muscles, a severe neck injury and a ruptured achilles tendon. 

In what felt like an instant, my big strong physical frame was completely deflated. I was weak and I was wounded. I lost all confidence in myself. 

I also suffered from bouts of depression and delusion; I didn't know who I was any longer. I had lost all sense of meaning in my life, and I felt all alone.

Those dark days taught me the most enlightening lessons I've ever learned.  They also gave me the tools to help other men along their way, on their life's initiation path. 

Every man's initiation leads him onto a new life's path.

For me, a new sense of devotion to my family, as a husband and a father, was restored.  I also found renewed meaning and a mission in my work as a coach and mentor to men

That is why I am holding a 3-day men's life path initiation event.
Tampa Florida | September 18th - 20th 2020
Initiating Men, Onto A New Life's Path
Grounding Camp is a Sacred Space, a time and a place set aside, for men's life path initiation.  Here, men can discuss matters important to men, and hold ourselves accountable for transformation. 

At Grounding Camp we follow an Initiation Process that includes OSHO Active Meditations, and bioenergetic exercises for letting-go, un-stifling, and removing the blocks to our greatness.  These exercises are uncomfortable and challenging; a real test of strength and resolve.

During your 3-day Grounding Camp experience I will be your Mentor.  With over twenty years of experience coaching, motivating and mentoring men, I am well equipped to support you even in the toughest of times.  I also have several years of  professional training and experience in "mind-body" exercises, active meditation, and bioenergetics.  

Finally, Grounding Camp is a way to scatter the clouds of chaos and confusion in your life, so that the light of true understanding and Life's Meaning, for you, can shine though. 

Grounding Camp is about "uniting the world, by uniting man within himself". 

Grounding Camp is a "safe space" where men can be strong, and self-reliant without apology. 

Grounding Camp is about being an Alpha Male, masculine leader in your life. 

Grounding Camp is an initiation into a newer, wiser and stronger version of yourself. 
Grounding Camp: Four Corners Of Initiation
Sacred Space
Initiation Process 
Male Mentorship
Life Meaning
When you get together with a group of like-minded MEN - all of whom are on the journey to become the strongest versions of themselves your entire life will expand in ways you’ve never before imagined:
  • More clarity of purpose and vision
  • ​Empowered sense of meaning, in your life
  • Remove mental, and physical blocks to greatness 
  • ​More intimacy with lovers and loved ones
  •  A renewed devotion to your life's mission
  • Better intelligence, intuition and wisdom
  • ​Better sex, attraction and charisma
  • Be firmer in your authority and integrity
  • ​Stronger discipline and devotion to your purpose
  •  Deeper spiritual practice and connection with God

Here is what our sample schedule of what we'll be doing each day:

  • 8:30-10:30AM: Your shuttle ride from airport arrives at the Grounding Camp site. 
  • 10:30AM: On-site Registration
  • 12:00PM: Lunch
  • 1:30PM: Official Start
  • 2-6:00PM: Afternoon Session
  • 6:00PM: Dinner
  • 7:30PM: Evening Session
  • 7:00AM: Morning Dynamic Meditation
  • 8:30AM: Breakfast
  • 10:00AM: Mid-Morning Session
  • 12:30PM: Lunch
  • 2-6:00PM: Afternoon Session
  • 6:00PM: Dinner
  • 7:30PM: Evening Session
  • 9:00PM: Evening Entertainment
  • 7:00AM: Morning Dynamic Meditation
  • 8:30AM: Breakfast
  • 10:00AM: Mid-Morning Session
  • 12:30PM: Lunch
  • 1:30-3:00PM: Final Session
  • 3:00PM: Graduation Ceremony
  • 5:00PM: Final shuttles leave for the airport, Grounding Camp end.
How Much Does It Cost?
If you're going cross the threshold and restore meaning in your life, you've got to be willing to invest in yourself. 

Personally, I've spent over $200,000 on mentoring, coaching, personal development, workshops, camps and more in just the last few years.

But this is different…

This is more than just an opportunity to learn a few fancy ideas, have a good time with other like-minded men, and go home with a participation trophy.

This is an initiation into NEW LIFE, a new way of being. 

Your tuition fee is very much a part of the initiation.  If you're not willing to stretch your wallet to achieve greatness in life, then you're probably not likely to stretch your mind and push your body to the limits during our Grounding Camp event.

The cost for getting together with myself and like-minded friends for three full days, growing stronger, out in nature is $1,997
All Inclusive Ticket To Grounding Camp
Tampa Florida | September 18th - 20th 2020
(Bus From Tampa Airport TPA To Camp 11AM Sept 18th)
(Bus Back To Arrive at Airport 5PM Sept 20th)
All Meals Included
All Room & Board Included
Location Revealed After Purchase (You May Drive)
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
*NOTICE: These Grounding Camps always sell out fast! Grab your seat before they are all gone. 
When You Join Us, Your Tuition Fee Covers:
  • Cost of education and experience. 
  • ​Room and board.
  • All custom meals per day.
  •  Transportation to and from airport.
  • All you have to do is arrive on time, and be ready to grow stronger!
What Are Men Saying About Grounding Camp? 
“This was really about peeling away the layers and doing the work it takes to get to deeper level within my body.”

“I came to Grounding Camp to learn from Elliott, who is a world class teacher. My favorite part was seeing people unstifled – letting go, and being free.”

OWEN, 37, CA
“Whatever your excuses are, find a way to get here [Grounding Camp]. I promise you it will be worth it.”

“The biggest thing I took away was a newfound confidence.”

“I came here kind of last minute, and I’m SO grateful I did. I found the inner lion I was looking for.”

PAT, 24, NY
“Anyone should give it a try…and just…feel what it’s like to really be happy for the first time.”

“Be open to whatever comes…It was something I would never get anywhere else.”

“That’s exactly what it [Grounding Camp] felt like. It felt like an initiation, it felt like a rite of passage.”

“I would recommend Grounding Camp to anyone 
who wants to unfold the most honest, truest version on themselves.”

ADAM, 19, CA
“I opened up so much.”

“The experience has been crazy... I’ve found myself.”

JACK, 25, UK
“You’ll unlock parts of yourself you didn’t 
even know were there.”

“It was 100 times better than I thought it was going to will change your life.”

JOE, 19, GA
“I traveled from Ireland to be here. To be real honest, it blew my mind.”

*Grounding Camp Now A Men's Only Event
All Inclusive Ticket To Grounding Camp
Tampa Florida | September 18th - 20th 2020
(Bus From Tampa Airport TPA To Camp 11AM Sept 18th)
(Bus Back To Arrive at Airport 5PM Sept 20th)
All Meals Included
All Room & Board Included
Location Revealed After Purchase (You May Drive)
*NOTICE: These Grounding Camps always sell out fast! Grab your seat before they are all gone. 
Enjoy These Videos From Previous Grounding Camps:
*Grounding Camp Now A Men's Only Event
All Inclusive Ticket To Grounding Camp
Tampa Florida | September 18th - 20th 2020
(Bus From Tampa Airport TPA To Camp 11AM Sept 18th)
(Bus Back To Arrive at Airport 5PM Sept 20th)
All Meals Included
All Room & Board Included
Location Revealed After Purchase (You May Drive)
*NOTICE: These Grounding Camps always sell out fast! Grab your seat before they are all gone. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Is there an age limit?
Yes, 18 and older please. 
Is Grounding Camp a men's only event? 
Yes, men only please. 
What is the itinerary for the weekend?
Final details will be sent to all participants several weeks before the event. If you have any questions please email Colleen Hulse at
What about my dietary needs?
The entire weekend will be catered by the retreat center. There are also accommodations for those who are meat-free, gluten-free, and/or have any other special request. We will be sending out a survey prior to camp to gather your dietary needs.
Can I arrive a day early?  Spend an extra night?
Reservations and accommodations to arrive a day early and/or leave a day later will not be allowed at the retreat center. If you are looking for accommodations for days other than the event, we recommend booking a hotel or AirBnB near the airport to utilize our shuttle service.
What about my condition?
It is very important to realize that the nature of Osho Active Meditations and Bioenergetics requires a demand of energetic AND physical strength. We will never force you into any activities or meditations that you don’t feel comfortable participating in. You attend at your own risk and you should have a general understanding of your limits and circumstances.
What are the sleeping arrangements?
Sleeping arrangements are dormitory style, with shared bathrooms and facilities. 
Can I film/record the event?
To respect the other campers, filming and recording will be strictly prohibited.
What should I bring?
Please bring clothes that are comfortable for changes in weather. We will find ourselves both indoors and outdoors for our stay. Multiple changes of clothes each day is highly recommended as it will likely get sweaty during meditations and exercises. Also, it is highly recommended to bring a yoga mat and foam roller.
Is it common for people to come alone?
Yes! We do have some participants come who are friends or brothers, but the majority of our campers attend on their own.
Will there be wifi?
Yes, there will be access to wifi in the common areas.
Have any other questions?
Please contact Colleen Hulse with any questions or concerns about attending the event at
Refund Policy
Grounding Camp Refund Policy
We understand that things come up, plans change, and life is unpredictable sometimes. As such, we're happy to offer you options when it comes to making the best use of your Grounding Camp ticket.

There are no refunds. However, each ticket for Grounding Camp is eligible for a one time transfer. If you contact us a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the start of camp, you can transfer your ticket to someone (preferably someone awesome) as a gift, or you can move your ticket to a future camp, so you can still attend a different camp in the event of a schedule conflict.

IMPORTANT: Any change requests must be made 3 weeks prior to the starting date of camp, as we need to confirm meals, lodging, and final count with the retreat center. Any change requests inside of 3 weeks prior to the start of camp can not be honored.
All Inclusive Ticket To Grounding Camp
Tampa Florida | September 18th - 20th 2020
(Bus From Tampa Airport TPA To Camp 11AM Sept 18th)
(Bus Back To Arrive at Airport 5PM Sept 20th)
All Meals Included
All Room & Board Included
Location Revealed After Purchase (You May Drive)
*NOTICE: These Grounding Camps always sell out fast! Grab your seat before they are all gone.