FINALLY: Break The Chains Bonding You to Beta Behaviors
There many nefarious activities that get in the way of men expressing their full power…

Addictions, fruitless entertainment, and toxic people, are just a few of them.

I want to remove you from all of that so you can…
Step Into Your Masculinity
The first step is prolonged fasting.

Prolonged fasting battles an addiction none of us knew we had… Consumption.

And I believe that consumption is the root of many evils we face in the modern world including:

  • Porn addiction 
  • ​Needy behaviors with women
  • ​Lack of Discipline
  • ​Poor Financial Decisions
  • ​Depression
  • ​Anxiety
And a whole bunch more.

When we eliminate our consumption addiction, the chain that keeps us bonded to unconfident, beta behaviors is shattered.
Welcome to Fasting Camp
Where you, me, and 23 other ambitious men will face our demons as a tribe using a combination of prolonged fasting, and other activities including:

Active Meditation

Each day, you will have the opportunity to experience a series of meditation practices that will work to shed your inner beta, and break down the tension keeping you rooted to those beta behaviors.

In the morning, you’ll group up with the tribe to perform dynamic meditation.

Every evening, you’ll perform a soft, Kundalini Meditation.

And throughout the day, you’ll partake in various breathing meditations that will create gaps in your consciousness, creating space for reflection and insight.

Bioenergetic Breathing

Bioenergetics is a passion of mine, but I haven’t had an opportunity to present its true healing power… Until now.

Bioenergetics offers you an opportunity to get in touch with yourself, and while we’ll be performing bioenergetic breathing as a group, there will also be ample opportunity for you to work with me one on one, or in smaller groups to really break down the muscular armoring and shave you down to your being.

Working With The Elements

Fasting Camp takes place in the “mountains” of Florida, where the air is crisp, clean, and cool,

There’s fresh water bubbling up from under the earth, creating springs and rivers which provide refreshing minerals to the body,

And of course, there are many opportunities to get back in tune with nature through hiking, barefoot walks, and getting a little bit dirty.

In addition to all of this,

We’ll be ending most nights sitting around the fire laughing, joking, exchanging stories, and growing closer as brothers.


What’s the point of fasting if you never feast?

At the end of our five days as a tribe, we will sit around a giant table before an enormous spread of food, then proceed tol chow down on a celebratory feast.

And of course, we’ll be breaking fast in the most resourceful way possible.

The feast will put a cap on a wonderful experience you’ve shared with your fellow brothers over the past few days. The perfect way to end a life changing experience.

The combination of these activities will clean out your demons,

And allow you access your true, higher self.
To Sum It All Up, By the End of Fasting Camp, You’ll Experience
  • Significant body recomposition
  • A heavy dose of discipline
  • More clarity of purpose and vision
  • ​Released muscular armoring and tension in the fascia
  • ​More intuition, inherent wisdom, and intelligence
  • ​Comfortability displaying your authority
  • ​More intimacy with friends and lovers
  • ​Removal of compulsions and addictions
  • ​An injection of focus, willpower, and tenacity
And a whole bunch more.
Fasting Camp Takes Place May 4th - 8th Tampa Florida 2020
The destination? A remote location in Florida that will be revealed to you once you’re accepted into Fasting Camp.

Airport - Tampa International Airport
Transportation from airport to retreat center will arrive at 11AM May 4th
Transportation back to airport will arrive at Tampa Airport by 4PM May 8th
Hurry, There are Only 9 Spots Available

Escape from Feminized Culture, Embody the Full Power of Your Masculinity, and Take That Energy Back into The Modern World.
See you soon,